Monday, October 20, 2008

Sister Island Exploration on 19 Oct 08

Is been about 8 months since I last visited Sister Island. After the super heavy downpour, the rain finally stop when we arried at Sister Island 7.15pm.

Most of the corals are no where in sight except a few mushroom coral. I wonder what happened! Below are some of the photos from the trip.I saw 2 Phyllidiella pustulosa nudibranchOne flatwormA burrowing snake-eel
A green egg crab (Atergatis floridus)Red egg crab (Atergatis integerrimus). Both green and red egg crab contain toxins and should not be consumed.
A young file fishThis fish stranded on the Sargassum sp. seaweed.This spider conch peeping from her long stalk eyesHow can we miss this very cute land hermit crab...

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