Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Short Trip to Cameron Highland

When planning a holiday in highland of Malaysia, most would prefer Genting for the never ending entertainment. Well, I opt for Cameron Highland for the flowers and cheap fruits. With another 3 friends, we set off to Cameron Highland last week end. This is not my 1st time visit Cameron Highland yet I don't mind to re-visit here whenever I have the time and 'kakis' of course.

Below are some of the many photos that I have taken. . .
Obviously, I'm standing facing East as you can see from the photo, the flowers are facing at the same direction.
The vege from Cameron Highland not just taste good but look nice too!
Carrot is my favourate juice ingredient.

These are just some of the plants that you can buy from Cameron Highland.I found this moth with the strawberry shaped body under a strawberry plant. Not sure if the carterpillar of this moth feed only on strawberry plants.Mulberry tree that we saw at one of the trekking trail. So as this rasberry tree.Termite bringing food to their nest form a very long queue!Will this frog turn to a charming prince? :-)A un-invited guest help herself with the chicken wings bone. One of the very common flower in Cameron Highland is this very poisonous trumpet shaped - Datura flower.We stay at this hotel that situated at the peak of Cameron Highland. We have lots of unforgetable experience staying in this hotel....


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