Monday, October 20, 2008

Changi Exploration (17 Oct 08)

Where is this place? This can not be Singapore! Indeed I took this photo in Singapore at Changi. I was at Changi on Friday again to look at this wonderful place.

This octopus didn't go away or burrow in when I took his photos.
Mars Attack? Another octopus that looks like the character in the movie Mars Attack!
Cat fish

This sea star is huge! It is even bigger than my palm!
Another orange sea star
And the scaly Nepanthia belcheri sea star

Look at this elbow crab. It is bigger than other elbow crab that I seen previously at this location.

This flathead is almost transparent. The colour and patterns on the body is the same with the sand below.

Not sure what shell it is but it is beautiful (rainbow colour)!
A very beautiful Hypselodoris sp. nudibranch.
Well, if this situation continue, surely the beautiful animals will slowly dissapear! Please dispose all rubbish properly before you leave.

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