Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Semakau Inter-Tidal Walk

I am back at Semakau today for another exciting inter-tidal walk. The weather was good throughout the walk and it started to pour down heavily only when we finish the walk and back at the Semakau Visitor Centre.
After a short walk and through the forest, we are at Semakau shore exploring the area usually covered under the sea water.
The first sea cucumber that we came across is this thorny sea cucumber (Stichopus horrens)
While passing through the sea grass lagoon, this Synaptid (Polyplectana kefersteinii) sea cucumber is busy having his breakfast by extend his feeding tentacles.This interesting sea cucumber that with lots of big white eye is called Ocellated (Stichopus ocellatus) sea cucumber.This Sandfish sea cucumber is one of the edible sea cucumber that you can buy from the market. Most sea cucumber are mild toxic and must be processed before consume.

Another sea cucumber that we saw today is this Stonefish sea cucumber.
This Noble volute was busy laying egg when we spotted her.
This beautiful moon snail in fact is a very fierce predator. They drill a hole through their prey's shell and consume them.Is been a while we didin't spot any spider conch, and the shy conch extend his stalk eyes and peep to check for any sign of danger.Oer and the sandy area, we saw hundreds of common sea star and we need to watch our step so that we don't step on them. Some of them rest on top of another one to get ready for 'business'.We saw 2 huge Knobbly sea star and the participants can't help but to take a photo with this beautiful and rare (only can be found over off-shore island) sea star.We also saw another animals that is very good in camouflaging - Octopus. We saw quite a few of them.Oncidium craw out from their hiding for feeding during low tide.We saw lots of slugs like the one on top - Polka dot nudibranchWe saw at least 8 Chromodoris lineolata nudibranch in the same tidal pool.
Gymmodoris nudibranch
Flat worms
Ribbon wormsJust as we finish our walk, dark clouds start to form and we are lucky that it rains only when we are back to the Visitor Centre. Thanks to all participants from RGS making this trip an enjoyable one.

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  1. It's great to know that kids are all the more encourage for some natural recreation...Gearing up for such an adventure should be fuss free to make it all the more fulfilling...