Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beautiful Snails at Semakau

With a average shell length of about 0.4cm, this beautiful and fascinated snails are easily overlooked. While on our exploratory trip this morning, the number of varations keep increasing until I loose count of them as I walk along the rock wall.
This beautiful snails are called Clithon oualaniensis usually found at brackish-water environment.
This polymorphic snails comes in many different colours and patterns.

According to 'A Guide To Seashore Life', no two shells are identical!
I really don't know how many variations are there in just Semakau alone.
It seems that the predominant colour here is black & white, follow by yellow, red & pink.
Heart shape patterns is the more common patterns follow by tounge shape, bar & lines.More of the different pattern shellsIsn't it interesting?

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