Monday, July 21, 2008

Hornbill at Changi Point Ferry Terminal

I saw this pair of hornbill at the carpark of CPFT this morning. They are at the lowest branches directly on top of me when I first saw them. They are quite confortable and don't mind I take out my camera and aim at them.
Since they are so 'cooperative', I took a short video clip of them too.
They continue to play with each other and their noise have also attracted RY's attention who were about 100 meters away at the Bus Terminal waiting for bus to join the bird watching.
They flew away after about 10 minutes.

And heres the video clip.


  1. A pair, male and female. I was in Ubin on the 20th, in the afternoon, and I saw 2 pairs.
    Wondering they are the same pairs!

  2. this time on our visit to London and France , we did have chance to visit in and around places of both the places. London zoo is one among the places we did visit, it was the last place we did visit. The zoo is great. Malayan Black Hornbill is one among the birds we did see in the zoo.

    later, we were on the way by ferries to france. having taken rest in a hotel, we went around the near by places, which took us 3 days to cover. we finally turned back to Scotland.

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