Sunday, July 6, 2008

Best Changi Experience!

My trip to Changi so far is only during low tide and have long been wanted to visit during a super low tide. Either my schedule doesn't allow or due to bad weather. I happen to be free this morning and got the chance to visit there during super low tide and is proven to be my best Changi trip ever. What make my day is not just the animals that can be found but a real touching story that every nature lovers will like to hear!

I arrived at Changi about 5.45am and since the Wildfilms team are here too, I join them for the exploration. There are quite a number of fishing rods on the shore and we have to watch our steps not to get entangle or cut by the fishing line. We split and explore the different area on the shore... (Other interesting animals that we see this morning are posted as Part II)

There are several family camping overnight there and they also took the opportunity to explore the shore. We feel sad when they start to collect things they found on the shore including a noble volute and keep it inside the bag they brought along. Siti have a casual talk to them on our precious shore and the animals will look best on where they from and not in tank or aquarium.

Well, after about 30 minutes one of the family member brought the plastic bag and told us that they want to return their catch to the sea. We thank him and take it out to see what is inside the bag.One of it is the noble volute that we saw earlier and another big 'empty shell' and looks like a Baler shell which is also relative of noble volute and is a highly endengered animal due to over harvesting.

Oh No!!! Is alive! Never would I believe that we are able to see it again here. Is a real, big and beautiful Melo melo! The last time baler shell was spotted is about a year ago also at Changi. It was also from one of the collectors' bag that we got to see it. But that person refuse to return it to the sea even knowing it was an highly endengered creature.

Hopefully this Baler shell would survive and continue to multiply. What a happy ending for today's trip!!

After taking a few photos, I return it to where it suppose to be. This prove that all the efforts that nature lovers/volunteers put in is not waisted! There are good people around and we shall continue to create even more awareness.

Peoples on this trip include Ria, Siti, CH & HB.


  1. think we found your melo eating volutes today-- algae pattern on shell looks somewhat similar.

    returned to max depth we could reach.

  2. from your photos and description, i believe this was on the same beach.

  3. wow!glad that the melo is doing fine! Thanks for sending it to the deepest you could reach! did you separate the 2 before you send them off or leave the nature take its cause? :-)

  4. ah, we did stop the lunch:
    losing a noble of that size seemed a bit of a pity, but that probably deprived the melo of something it could have fed on for some time. besides sending it out deep, we also put them pretty far apart.

    this is another pre-separation shot:

    either the place has lots of large melos, or it's the same one. it seems to be a good place for finding large nobles though. collectors are a problem on that beach: there was a guy with a cast net who turned up later and went almost as deep as we did.

    nevertheless, good to hear about you guys doing good on the shores too-- maybe we'll bump into each other some day!

  5. Yes! We'll bump into each other one day! xD