Sunday, June 29, 2008

Small Butterfly

These butterflies were taken at MacRitchie Reservoir Park on Saturday afternoon while having a guided walk by SY.
This is a Malay Tailed Judy and are found mainly in the shadier parts of the forest. It is considered rare on the NSS Butterfly of Singapore guide sheet.
Very similiar to Bush Brown but without the two reddish brown stripes cross two wings. This could be a Purple Bush Brown. (Thanks for the feedback)This probably one of the smallest butterfly - Lesser Grass BlueA Common PalmflyA very beautiful butterfly - Branded Imperial. Unlike other butterfly, both adult & carterpillar actually feed on the same Smilax bracteata as their food plant.Common Posy, less abundant compare to Branded Imperial.


  1. Your Bush Brown shot is that of a Purple Bush Brown (Mycalesis orseis nautilus), the least often seen of the various lookalike species of the genus.

    It's a forest denizen and the full set of yellow-ringed ocelli on the forewings and other distinctive markings usually sets it apart from the other species of the genus.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. Now that I know one more butterfly.

  3. Hi! You have an interesting blog. These small butterflies are hard to see but still captivating...