Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leisure Dive Trip at Pulau Dayang - Malaysia

A few of us spent a week end (13 - 15 June 08) at Pulau Dayang, one of the very popular dive site among Singaporean. Congrat to JL & KS. They are now a certified OW divers. That means they are able to extend their exploration beyound inter-tidal area! wow!!
We saw this big grasshopper on the palm tree outside our resort. Below are some of the photos taken during our dives there.
No doubt about the visibility! Branching corals is one of the favourate hangout place for fishes. They provide food & shelter to protect them from predators.
There are lots of crown fish every where!
A very beautiful lion fish.
This fish is very curious about divers. Perhaps she is puzzle why CH ignore him & only go for something that is so small.... as usual :-)
Noduled Sea Star - (Fromia nodosa) a close relative of Necklace sea star
I'm not about this sea star, however the appearance rather similiar to Egyptian Sea Star - Gomophia egyptiaca
This may look like lots of sea star stacking on one another....
No!.... Is a close up of Thelenota ananas sea cucumber. The length of this sea cucumber is about 1 metre.
Cushion star with the commensal shrimps.
This is the largest slug that we saw during our whole dive trip. The length about my palm and is called Notodoris serenae
The bottom of this nudi is total yellow!This slug also have a very cute face! Don't you agree?This is propably a Chelidonura amoena
Another slug that I'm not sure of the id.
This fast moving slug is Nembrotha lineolata
Phyllidia coelestis
This nudi might looks like another Phyllid, but is a Chromodoris geometrica
This shell may have broken, the resident Hermit Crab doesn't mind at all.
This anemone is extremly pretty and active under water.
Last but not least, a school of squid checking us up....
Looking forward for my another dive trip next month!

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