Sunday, June 8, 2008

Exploration of St John's Shore

After 3 days of sleepless pre-dawn exploration, today marked the 4th day in a row. The low tide today is much later however due to road and car park closure, I'm at the pier at 4.30am before the closure take effect.
After the sightings of dolphin yesterday while on the way to Semakau, all of us automatically get our camera ready just in case the dolphin do show up again. However, no luck for today I guess, and we arrived at St John about 8am with our camera still empty.
Saw this 4 arms Common Sea Star (Archaster typicus) instead of the usual with 5 arms.
To most of us it might be correct to say that 'Time is money' but for soldier crabs (Dotilla myctiroides) it might not be correct. During low tide, soldier crab will surface and process the sands for nutrients that they want and left behid all the processed sand in ball shape. They got only short time to cover as much area as possible before the tide return. For the crabs, Time means feeding.
This monitor lizard was having his sweet dream, with the eyes closed without knowing our presence. He finally make a dash until we are right beside of him. . .There are lots of Phylid nudibranchs and like this one very much. The blue colour was so striking that I can see it from a distance. Is a blue dragon (Pteraeolidia ianthina) nudibranch that able to produce food from the sun light from the zooxanthellae in their body.
This is the odd one got seperated from the groups. The babies Eel-tailed catfish (Plotosus lineatus) usually form a ball shape with few hundred individuals when they travel. This will increase their chances of survival as the predators will be confused of which one to target.Saw this 2 soft capsule-like mollucs. It looks like bi-valve but without the physical shells! I wonder what it was?? Let me know if you can figure it out what it was.
After so may trips, we continue to learn new things..... just so amazing!

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