Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dive Hantu 27 April 08 (Dive 1)

Is been a year since I last dive at Hantu! I'm too happy to dive here with CH & HB. The vis is much better than my last dive. We did 2 dives today and here's the photo on Dive 1.

We saw lots of sea slugs....

A pair of Hypselodoris emma
There are also lots of Phyllidia pustulosa, we also saw other phylid that look like this on our second dive.
A Glossodoris atromarginataLots of big and small blue dragon (Pteraeolidia ianthina)
This nudi was having hydroid as his breakfast! Is a Bornella anguillaThis studded nudi propably a Cadlinella ornatissimaA beautiful flatwormThis tiger tail sea horse a bit shy to face the camera :-) So as this blue spotted stingray.A beautiful anchor coralMy favourate cushion star (Culcita novaeguineae)
As we surface for our break, I saw this big and beautiful jelly fish! Is beautiful but also evil! It stung about half the divers that dive at Hantu today!I saw this fish float on the surface.... could it be the victim of the jelly fish??Or could it be a Leaf fish? I have no clue at all about this strange looking fish.

Look out for more photos of our dive number 2 later. . .

Read CH & HB's blog on their great dive experiences! If you are interested to dive at Pualu Hantu, just visit The Hantu Bloggers for more info.


  1. I think that weird fish might be a juvenile tripletail (Lobotes sp.)