Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dive 2 @ Hantu on 27 April 08

After the surface interval, I was looking forward for the 2nd dive and wanted to see another of my favourate sea star - Icon Star (Iconaster longimanus) and guess what? Is just there waiting for us right at the sea bed.

We encounter even more slugs in our 2nd dive. These are some of the flatworm that we saw,
The one on top is very big! About my palm size.

Not for forgeting nudis...

Glossodoris atromarginataA pair of Chromodoris lineolata was having their lunch...

This one on top with olive green body, purple gills and oral tentacles with dark blue rhinophores are some of the characteristics of Tambja oliva. But could it be one?
Flabellina rubrolineata?Phyllidia pustulosaThis one very similiar but is also look like a Phyllidiopsis krempfi. Phyllidiidae is one of the family that are difficult to id.
A very small Cuthona Sibogae feeding on hydroid.Thurdilla gracillis
Another big blue dragon (Pteraeolidia ianthina)
One of the very important food source - lacy bryozoan
A tiny pipe fish
This file fish playing hide & seek with me...
Feather star of all coloursand a high fin gobby
We surface with reluctance after 66mins of fantastic dive. Another wonderful dive trip for me in Singapore waters!

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