Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cicadas Rain at Labrador Park

A few of us was at Labrador about 6.30am to explore the inter-tidal area. While on our way to the toilet for washing, all of us was surprised by the sudden showers. Later we found out that it only rain under the tree....???

We then saw lots of cicadas on the tree...... Oh Yes!!! Is cicadas rain! I'm not sure how long the cycle was at Labrador park, acccording to report some area the period is as long as every 17 years. How lucky to winess it myself...

I remember read it some where the last cicadas rain was back at 2004, that means the cycle for the cicadas at Labrador park to re-emerge is not 17 years as reported at US.Standing below the tree like going to spa.... the "rain" or you may call it cicadas pee are actually plant juice... smell nice :-)
More photos...


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