Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dive 2 @ Hantu on 27 April 08

After the surface interval, I was looking forward for the 2nd dive and wanted to see another of my favourate sea star - Icon Star (Iconaster longimanus) and guess what? Is just there waiting for us right at the sea bed.

We encounter even more slugs in our 2nd dive. These are some of the flatworm that we saw,
The one on top is very big! About my palm size.

Not for forgeting nudis...

Glossodoris atromarginataA pair of Chromodoris lineolata was having their lunch...

This one on top with olive green body, purple gills and oral tentacles with dark blue rhinophores are some of the characteristics of Tambja oliva. But could it be one?
Flabellina rubrolineata?Phyllidia pustulosaThis one very similiar but is also look like a Phyllidiopsis krempfi. Phyllidiidae is one of the family that are difficult to id.
A very small Cuthona Sibogae feeding on hydroid.Thurdilla gracillis
Another big blue dragon (Pteraeolidia ianthina)
One of the very important food source - lacy bryozoan
A tiny pipe fish
This file fish playing hide & seek with me...
Feather star of all coloursand a high fin gobby
We surface with reluctance after 66mins of fantastic dive. Another wonderful dive trip for me in Singapore waters!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dive Hantu 27 April 08 (Dive 1)

Is been a year since I last dive at Hantu! I'm too happy to dive here with CH & HB. The vis is much better than my last dive. We did 2 dives today and here's the photo on Dive 1.

We saw lots of sea slugs....

A pair of Hypselodoris emma
There are also lots of Phyllidia pustulosa, we also saw other phylid that look like this on our second dive.
A Glossodoris atromarginataLots of big and small blue dragon (Pteraeolidia ianthina)
This nudi was having hydroid as his breakfast! Is a Bornella anguillaThis studded nudi propably a Cadlinella ornatissimaA beautiful flatwormThis tiger tail sea horse a bit shy to face the camera :-) So as this blue spotted stingray.A beautiful anchor coralMy favourate cushion star (Culcita novaeguineae)
As we surface for our break, I saw this big and beautiful jelly fish! Is beautiful but also evil! It stung about half the divers that dive at Hantu today!I saw this fish float on the surface.... could it be the victim of the jelly fish??Or could it be a Leaf fish? I have no clue at all about this strange looking fish.

Look out for more photos of our dive number 2 later. . .

Read CH & HB's blog on their great dive experiences! If you are interested to dive at Pualu Hantu, just visit The Hantu Bloggers for more info.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Family @ Semakau

When we depart from Marina South Pier to Semakau for the inter-tidal walk this morning, we saw this beautiful scenery from our boat. How often do we get to see sun rise?

I'm guiding a big family for the inter-tidal walk today at Semakau with the assistance from HY. As soon as we arrived at Semakau, we walk slowly to the forest entry point about 2km away from the Semakau Visitor Centre. The walk was rather enjoying and relax.

In order to access the coastal area, we need to go through the forest. We saw coconut, mango tree, yam and lots of ginger plant along the forest trail.

After we cross the sea grass lagoon, HY stopped and show the Common Sea Star to the group. The whole group got excited and wanted to have a closer look.

We call this lovely creature a sea star instead of star fish as they are not fish. Although it got the name of Common Sea Star, they are now uncommon any more due to over collection and habitat lost.

We saw this anemone not too far from the sea star. However, the cute nemo (clown fish) and shrimp is not at home. Anemone usually house a number of creatures such as clown fish and anemone shrimp.

Noble volute are very easy to recognise by its very distinctive 'chinese moutain painting' on the shell.

This moon snail is very beautiful and also a very voracious predator. They secretes acidic agents to soften shell of their prey and drill a hole on them.
This is Sandfish sea cucumber. As with other sea cucumber, it must be processsed before is safe for consumption.We also very lucky to see this Stichopus ocellatus sea cucumber. Just look at the size! Is even bigger than the palm of an adult!!

This lump of hairy thing is actually a hairy crab. It is so well camouflage that it don't look like a crab both under or out of water.I'm not sure the name of this tiny crab that red in colour.

We also saw 3 different type of nudibranchs.Gymmodoris rublopabulosa

Jorunna funebrisand Chromodoris lineolata

This is a Rock-boring Giant Clam (Tridacna crocea)

We also got to see free air show when SAF having their exercise over at the opposite island (Pulau Pawai). The participants are waiving at the SAF chopper.

Group photo with Semakau's Super Star - Knobbly Sea Star. The smart kid that holding the sea star is Lucas.Despite the need to wake up early, long walk and under the hot sun, Lucas was really enjoying the walk. The knowledge and experience gained from the walk are simply tremendous! Lucas even wants to design his new badge after inspired by the beautiful creature that he seen on today's walk.Another group photo with the big family (3 generations explore our beautiful shore at Semakau, isn't it fabulous?) after the walk. I totally agreed that having a walk at nature is also a very good way of bonding!