Friday, February 29, 2008

Spiny spiders

The spiny orb-weavers (genus Gasteracantha) also commonly called Spiny-backed orb-weavers, jewel spiders, horned spider, spiked spider and kite spider due to the prominent spines on their abdomen. Due to their shell-like abdomens, some people mistakenly call them crab spiders which is in conflict with those from the family Thomisidae (crab spiders). Many species have splendid colors and even very striking patterns making them one of the celebrated decorators of the rainforest such as Gasteracantha arcuata.

The males are very much smaller in size as compare to the female spiders which also possess two reproductive agencies (one in each side of the body)! Is interesting to find out that it can be only one of the sides, being virgin of the other side, or to be found in both. The female will produce egg mass and die soon after.

I have yet to find out the id of this spider that I saw last week.

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