Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 2 CNY at Pulau Hantu

I continue my reef walk at Pulau Hantu on the 2nd day of CNY. This is also my first trip to Pulau Hantu this year. My last trip there was about a year ago with the Hantu Bloggers.
It was really special to see a school of razor fish in the inter-tidal area. Without the need to put on all the diving gear!

and also this beautiful Orange-banded butterflyfish (Coradion chrysozonus)
A common sea star (Archaster typicus)

Red swimmng crabsand this juveniles flower crab. I'm not sure why there are so many different patterns on the carapace.We saw this cute cuttle fishWe also witness the magician in actions. It changes it's colour so rapidly to match and blend with the environment!We also saw quite a lot of slugs such as the Gymmodoris rublopabulosa above.a Phyllidia pustulosaPolka dot (Jorunna funebris)Discodoris boholensisand a Acanthozoon sp. flatworm.different colours of feather star. Like other echinoderms, feather stars have radial symmetry with numerous arms project from a central disc. However, the major difference as compare to other sea star is their feedings habot. Feather stars are filter feeders and their mouth is on the upperside rather than bottom as with other sea stars.This turban shell almost invisible with the colour almost the same with the substrate.

There are a lot more animals that was spotted. Lets wait for others to put up their blog later.

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