Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 1 CNY at Big Sister Island

After visit friends & relatives in the morning on Day 1 of Chinese New Year, I join the Wildfilm for the exploration at Big Sister Island.
This is my first visit to this beautiful southern island.

The tide wasn't very low when we arrived. From the surface saw some very bright green thing under the water and I'm not sure what it is until I took a underwater shot. Is actually Caulerpa serrulata green algae or seaweed.

We saw quite a number of spider conch (Lambis lambis) and they are so well camouflage.This spider conch even have corals living on the shell.
Once you turn it over, it is a very shy and beautiful animal. They have a pair of long stalks eyes ensures good vision.
We also spotted quite a few of slug today. Photo on top is a Phyllidia varicosa nudibranch.
A rather small polka dot nudi (Jorunna funebris)
Elysia sp.
Not too sure about this tiny nudi that was spotted by CH.

Another beautiful flatworm
There are also lots of beautiful mushroom corals on Big Sister Island. This one probably a Fungi concinna or Fungiscabra corals that both with wavy ridges.
This one probably a Fungi scruposa
A black Diadema setosum sea urchin
Saw this huge Holothuria leucospilota sea cucumber with the feeding tentacles out.A red egg crab (Atergatis integerrimus) andGreen egg crab (Atergatis floridus). Both crabs contain toxins in their tissues that can kill even human. It should not be consumed at all.We saw this land hermit crab when we are on the way to the jetty.While waiting for our boat at the jetty, we saw several of this big crocodile needlefish. This complete my first reefwalk of the new Chinese year. Really a 年年有鱼 experience! Thanks Ria for making this trip possible and will visit another island tomorrow.
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