Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long Walk from CNR to Bishan Park

We have a unusual route and a really long walk from Lower Pierce Boardwalk all the way to Herbal Garden of Bishan Park. We started our walk from 6.30am and end at 3.30pm. We have lots of surprises along the way and have a good mix of flora & fauna from both nature and urban nature. By the time we finished in the afternoon, most of us have depleated our memory cards and batteries.

We meet at Casurina and start our walk from the Lower Pierce Boardwalk hope to see some nocturnal animals.... sad to say that luck is not on our side, we therefore proceed to Venus Drive. We saw this green crested lizard near the entrance to the tree-top walk.
The beautiful and deadly (to smaller insect & animals) have a very bold name - Assassin Bugs. As with most assassin bugs of the Reduviidae family, they hunt smaller insect or animals and suck their juices dry. Most Assassin Bugs will give a very painful bite, so don't touch them.
As usual, there are lots of grasshopper
and crickets too.
We also saw this damselfly (Argiocnemis rubescens) near the stream.
Another beautiful fly that I have no clue of the id.
This snail was about the size of a 50 cents coin.
This pretty forest flatworm was found crawling on the trail.
After a short break for breakfast, we head to Bishan Park for our next part of exploration.The pond skaters cover almost the entire surface of the pond near the edges.Group of terrapins resting and taking sun bath on this small island right at the center of the pond.A Sand piper was seen resting on another 'unclaimed' island.

There are few different species of birds that we saw living happily together on another bigger island.A white breasted waterhen and her chick.
A bittern that non stop hunting for fishA bubulWhite throated kingfisher. Apparently, without using any net as the no casting of net sign says, doesn't affect the birds ability to catch their own food. While watching the birds hunting their food, I also took this believed to be the smallest butterfly in the region if not the world. The body is only as big as the grass as seen on photo.Hmmm.... tiDE cHAsER chasing tide again here in Bishan Park?... he hide behind the lamp post that is only half his height just to get close to this beautiful Little HeronThere are also lots of different dragonfly over at Bishan Park.
Variegated Green Dragonfly (Orthetrum sabina)

This is one of the Singapore lagest dragonfly Ictinoghompus decoratus

We saw another pair of dragonfly preparing for their next generation.

There are quite a number of flying dragons in the park too. They are like any lizard but with the ability to glide from tree to tree using folds of skin attached to its movable ribs to form "wings".

This is also one of the photo that I was trying to take - a real Cicada. So far been taking only their moult. The loud noise that we hear in the forest are actually made by male cicadas to lure females.

A suppose to be easy 3 hours walk turn out to be 9 hours. Ha ha, never under estimate what you can see or find in the manmade urban nature. With this satisfied walk, we are sure to visit more neighbourhood park in the future.

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