Sunday, January 27, 2008

Butterfly Watching @ Alexandra Hospital

Is Sunday again.... have not been going to Alexandra Hospital for a while. The last time I went was about a year ago for a workshop although I passby AH almost everyday on the way to my work place.

I arrived about 8am and there are aleady about 15 people ready with their camera and all kind of gadgets chasing butterfly. Although the park is under a major upgrading, it did not stop the butterflies from coming here to breed and embrace the park.
This is a beautiful Glassy Tiger. However, I'm not sure if this is a Blue Glassy or Dark Glassy.
Glassy Tiger usually seen on a slow graceful and unhurried flight, I can't help but to take more shots.
Ha ha...again, I can't tell which is 3 rings or which is 5 rings. I'm totally new about butterflies... 'paiseh'
This black butterfly (Blue Helen) looks like a 'wau' a kind of kite in Malaysia. Understand that this is a migrant species. Mmmm.... no wonder the shape really looks like a wau.
Could this be a Malayan Bush Brown?
Another 2 that I don't know their id.....
Been waited for hours.... this butterfly just don't stay still :-( I end up took this picture while she is flying. Is either a Common Rose or a Great Helen.
Managed to capture this beautiful butterfly that normally stay around the tree canopy.... a Painted Jezebel.
Well, you will not just lok at the butterfly... this skink wanted to have some exposures too.
This grasshopper is about 9cm in length! Wow...
Terrapin swimming gracefully in this pond..
This poster list down all the birds that been sighted here in the hospital's compound.
Well, this probably is one of the only hospital in Singapore that host so many different kind of animals.

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  1. I like the butterflies very much too. Alexander hospital is indeed very special.