Monday, December 3, 2007

The Inside Story (Making of The New Nature Guides)

Some of the Semakau guides that were out at Ubin on Saturday (1st Dcember 07) automatically became VIPs (very irritating persons, we are to act as nasty visitors) and as well as guinea-pigs for Ron's next generation of Nature Guide!! According to Ron, whoever his successor is, will have the honour to take over his priceless hermit crab model and this hermit crab is the symbol of power, for the NHC. (dun play, play...)

There are 3 guides to be on their practical sessions conducted by Ron.

One of the guide to be were practicing her skill on the CJ boardwalk. All trainees were given several classroom sessions (for knowledge and confidence building, let me know if i miss anything - Ron, as this suppose to be part of his secret winning formulas) before they actually do the guiding.

From the thickness of the notebook, I believe Ron really spent lots of his brain's cell coming out his Secret Formulas. :p

The training is really SERIOUS!!!! Ron even use his favourate phrase..... in mandarine " I want to 叩 你 的 头(叩头, 磕头?? kowtow??)!!!"
After the part 1 practical session, Ron brought the new guides to the Jejawi Tower more than hundred fts above ground to do his secret review. Just look at the expression of the participants... Ron really show his 'full colour'(his wide knowledge from nature, inter-tidal, geography, human communications,.....etc).With the new skills learnt, the participants not only gained the skill of guiding, but the love for the nature....

Thank you Ron for the nice lunch!! We really don't mind to come back again to act for you as VIPs looking at the free lunch... :-)

You may read more about Ron here.

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