Thursday, December 6, 2007


No matter what we do or think, always, there is another party that having the opposite opinion and approach (Einstein's theory of relativity?) Does this explain why there are so many “lovely feedback” posted to blogs that touches on nature or environmental??

There is only one earth – all will have to live and stay within the same planet. It will be another waste of energy and resources to argue with each other on what they believe to be TRUE. One party will always think ways to sabotage or demolish defenses put up by another party. If both parties can align their objectives, I’m sure both party will win at the end.

Those who depends on nature for there livelihood just need to exercise some discipline and take not more than needed and remove all malfunction tools or equipment including entangled line, net etc before they leave, the time needed for nature to recover will be shorten so that the catching can be sustainable. They are also the best person to provide info on places that they visited.

Can this be achieved or just imagine? mmmm.......


TheStainerbuG ask the ant, "How you gain access to my area?"

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