Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fun Day at Sungai Buloh 15 December 07

After the long winded monsoon rain for the past 2 weeks, the weather is extremely good on Saturday. Bunch of nature lovers cum bloggers were out on the field again. Although started slightly later than scheduled time, the temperature remains comfortable around 27 degree C throughout the trip. The low temperature helps to made taking photo easier as the insect will not be too active.

It was really fun to have a group of friends sharing the same interest out on the field trying to compete with each other who’s the “Best Photographer of The Year”!

Whenever insect was spotted, the whole gang will zoooomm….. try to get the best shot of the spiders.

We have tide chaser, urban forest, colourful clouds, ashira, where discovery begins & justin dive.

tide chaser & urban forest compete with each other (earlier photo) over this fly while c c checking the end result.
One camera always standby behind another camera....
The most enjoyable and highlight of the day as mentioned by urban forest is this high jump champion - jumping spider. Several method were seen used by the group.... whisper,

showing the spider her beautiful photo
fren-fren, buddy-buddy.....The spider seems to enjoy the hospitality provided by the group..... she visit one after another just to make sure everybody have the fair share of attention --- very professional model!!

Sometimes ago during the kampong days, before the invention of video game, catching spider and spider fighting is one of the favorites past time activities after school among kids. Well, times changed. Now with technology, the rules of the game have also changed. The winner no longer need to have the most ‘garang’ spiders but to have the best cover shot of the spiders….ha ha

Side track a bit..... Looks like Olympus & Pentax are the 2 most welcome cameras over Canon. (Mmmmm.... Canon really need to do something on the features instead of just banging on ease of printing and the pixel. )To win this kind of special competition, camera is not the only deciding factors already! The ability to communicate and talk to the insect is the key!!! Special tips.... don't apply or apply minimum insect repellent if need to.... who's the winner? I leave it to you. :-)


Noticed that the water monitor lizard are getting lesser especially the bigger one around the fresh water pond area.... just curious

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