Monday, September 24, 2007

BTNR - Highest Hill of Singapore

A nice heavy rain on Sunday morning bring the temperature down and a perfect weather to go for outdoor activitiies. I head for the highest hill of Sigapore - BTNR.

A shy long-tailed Macaque in the forest. They have more than enough food in the forest, is a bad idea to feed them if you happens to see them on the trail. A giant forest ant that about 2.5cm long. Almost mistaken this jumping spider a giant ant.

A nice cristal ball like rain water trapped on this spider that I'm not sure of the id. Enjoying big breakfast?More beauties from the forest... A closer look at the compound eyes of insects.This is the cicadas' moult
A visit to BTNR will certainly got to see more things than what I have posted. You got to feel it and hear yourself how cicadas sing...

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