Monday, September 24, 2007

BTNR - Highest Hill of Singapore

A nice heavy rain on Sunday morning bring the temperature down and a perfect weather to go for outdoor activitiies. I head for the highest hill of Sigapore - BTNR.

A shy long-tailed Macaque in the forest. They have more than enough food in the forest, is a bad idea to feed them if you happens to see them on the trail. A giant forest ant that about 2.5cm long. Almost mistaken this jumping spider a giant ant.

A nice cristal ball like rain water trapped on this spider that I'm not sure of the id. Enjoying big breakfast?More beauties from the forest... A closer look at the compound eyes of insects.This is the cicadas' moult
A visit to BTNR will certainly got to see more things than what I have posted. You got to feel it and hear yourself how cicadas sing...

Monday, September 17, 2007

"Stop Feeding The Monkeys"

There are plenty of signs at both side of the road from Old Upper Thomson Rd all the way to Upper Peirce Reservoir. Not sure if the visitors just missed the sign or choose to ignore it...

Upon seeing drivers wind down the window.... the monkeys just dash out from the forest and side of the road..
... they just know where is the best spot to get the foods from.

I'm glad that this gentleman care enough to bring his son to interact with nature. Apparently, this is the 2nd bag of foods that he and his son has fed the monkeys. Just look at the skin on the road..... and the empty bag that snatched by one of the monkey on the right of the photo.

I'm confused if this is the right way of teaching the young on how to appreaciate the nature... with the no feeding signs everywhere... I'm sure the kid will get to see it also. What kind of signal that have been given to the young when they grown up?
This is another classic example why feeding the wild animal is not appropriate....
neary cause the monkey knock down by the traffic... (he continue to take out another bag of food when I leave that place)

Once the monkey make it a habit by just waiting to be fed instead of getting their own food (there are more than enough food in the forest anyway).... they will become lazy, nasty, aggresive and even dangerous. They will start to cause nuisance and even attack human when they are hungry. Don't know who will be the unlucky one passing by and attacked thinking that, that person has taken their food away and considered as their competitors...

As like human, the change of diet (to human food, especially those high in fats and sodium such as chips, biscuit, etc) will have impact on the overall health. The impact on monkeys will be even greater.

So, please..... for the good of the monkeys and the safety of other visitors, Stop Feeding The Monkeys!!!