Saturday, June 9, 2007

Kranji Nature Trail 9 June 07

Since we are not doing any tidal walk, we don't have to wake up very early to catch the low tide today. Instead, we are going north to explore Kranji Nature Trail (KNT). Lead by Robert, suppose to be our guide for today's KNT walk. The access to the KNT is trough this grassland next to Kranji Dam, and end at carpark of Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve.
There's a caution sign on crocodile (which we hope we can see one in the wild) near the entrance of the trail, however we couldn't spot any.
There are lots of spider web on the grass at the begining of the trail. Is this the sign to show that the spiders are abundant along the trail?
True enough, we spotted a lot of spiders of the different species. Clockwise from top left, Batik golden web spider (Nephila antipodiana), Golden web spider (Nephila maculata), probably a Brown grass spider (Polyboea vulpina), not to sure of this orb-web spider that with very colourful abdomen.

St Andrew's cross spiders (Argiope pulchella) , another of the different species (Argiope aemula), probably a Cyclosa spider with a tail-like extension abdomen and another unidentified spider.

We also saw two different species of Crab spiders.

A beautiful Epilachna indica ladybug on the left and Heteroneda reticulata ladybug on the right.

Lots of dragonflies
Is that a cricket or Katydids?, grasshoppers, and a small praying mantis on the bottom left.

Not sure what cartepillars is this, very tiny and hairy.

Lots of butterflies too. Look at the big eye spots on the wings. It looks so real. They use this eye spots to scare away predators.

this is a solitary halictid bee.

A very colourful Shield bug, Leafhoppers (Bothrogonia ferruginea), not sure the name of this bug and a frothy mass of bubbles created by spittlebugs.

Lots of ants

Some of the wild flowers and fruits that we saw along the way
Not forgetting a onch slug, changeble lizard, lots of halfbeak and archerfish.

The trail is just barely 1.5km, suprisingly there a home to many different type of insect, flora and fauna. Is a very good trail for photographers who want to shot all the colourful insects, flowers and birds.