Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ubin Ramble - 12 May 2007

Since I arrived at Changi Point Ferry Terminal quite early, I took the opportunity to take some photo of the sun rise.

This round instead of cycle, we walk slowly and real s l o w. . . that's because there are too many interesting things to see and take photo. This is also the best way to test our camera's performance. This is the first time I used up all the memory on my 4G card. There are too many beautiful plants & animal to take. For today's blog, I'll just pick some photos.

Since Spiderman 3 heat is on, I took quite a number of spiders' photo too.

Banded Phintella Spider
St Andrew Cross Spider

Nephila maculata - Golden Web Spider

This one looks like a Batik Golden Web Spider

Not sure the name of this spider... :-(

This is our first 'pit stop' - replenish our lost fuel for the last one and a half hour walk.

The owner (right 2) sharing with us the life in Ubin.

Another victim of drunk driver, hit & run...

Beautiful mini hibiscus & many more beautiful flowers & fruits. . .

These fig fuits look like mini apples

A ladybird

This Atlas Moth caterpillars about 10cm long

The caterpillars eat a wide variety of foodplants and may even wander from one to another. Their foodplants include the , soursop, cinnamon, lime, pomelo, rambutan, guava, citrus fruits.
A busy honey bee

After about 3 hours walk, we finally arrived at this spectacular Kekek Quarry

Helen was stun by the beauty of Kekek.... not just Helen, Ron & Robert too but their reactions was different. Let's wait for July or Ron's blog. I'm sure they will include this juicy story in their blog...

While waiting for ferry at the jetty, we saw this horseshoe crab

Not sure if this is the female fiddler crab

While we are having our lunch at Changi Village coffee shop, these 2 chicks also hungry and keep calling for their parent for food.

Despite of the long walk, is worth it. We all are got tons of photos from today's outing. Another nice week end work out. :p

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