Sunday, May 6, 2007

Semakau Tidal Walk 06 May 07

"Morning has broken, like the first morning. Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird. Praise for the singing, praise for the morning, praise for them springing fresh from the Word. . . " lyrics from famous oldies by Cat Stevens. What a beautiful morning indeed when we arrived at Semakau.

To celebrate this beautiful morning, we walk to the tidal area instead and enjoy the nice scenery along the way.
We saw this grasshopper hiding in between one of the palm's tree leaf.
We are also having some fun experimenting how sensitive mimosa is. Mimosa will folds its leaves down when touched.

Yellow flower of a mimosa plant. Pink colour flower is another common mimosa found in Singapore.
We also got the chance to see - Great Bill Heron
Water ponding on the trail to the tidal area due to the heavy rain for the last one week.
We saw this large eye goby immediately when we are out at the shore. Large eyes of gobies help them to keep a look out for danger.
We also saw this Common Sea Star. Common sea star eat detritus and tend to stay buried during the day.
A Scalop.
This Heart cockle is very rare. We are very lucky to see one today.
Can you spot the crab? This hairy crab has a coat of silky hairs all over its body and limbs. The hairy crab eats seaweeds. It also eat poisonous zoanthids which make the crab mildy poisonous too.
Edible Sandfish sea cucumber. However, it must first be properly prepared as it contains toxins.
Tidal hermit crab. Every shell on the shore is a potential hermit crab home. Don't collect any empty shell, they are far more precious to hermit crab than us.
Spider conch
Upside Down Jelly fish. This jellyfish has symbiotic algae in its tentacles, which photosynthesises better with it being upside-down. The jellyfish obtains energy from the food provided by the algae.
An Onchidium sea slug. The sea slug's skin often matches the algae-covered rock in colour and texture hence well camouflaged.
Beautiful mushroom coral
Carpet anemone
Sea urchin
Jorunna nudibranch. The feather-like gills exposed (hence their name - naked gills)
A very cute pufferfish
Knobbly Seastar. Semakau is one of the few area left in Singapore that Knobbly Seastar can be found.
Group (from St Nicholas Girls) photo with Knobbly Seastar
SAF also having their life firing exercise over at Pulau Sudong.

Take 5 after the tidal walk at the most southern part of Singapore that public can access. The walk end with the landfill tour and video presentation by NEA. Thanks to all the enthusiastic visitors for making this trip an enjoyable one.

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