Saturday, May 19, 2007

Semakau Inter-tidal Walk (19th May 2007)

Another beautiful morning before we start our inter-tidal walk at Semakau. We have a very enjoyable Saturday morning exploring one of the few natural shores left in Singapore that having major ecosystems like mangroves, seagrass lagoon and coral reefs.
Every trip to Semakau is a different learning experience and there is always something there that that will brighten your day.
We were first greeted by this Male fiddler crabs that possess an enlarged claw. They will waves this claw and wrestle other males to mark their territory and attract mates. Unfortunately, this enlarged claw can’t be used for feeding.
As compare, female have 2 equal-sized small ones. So, they can feed twice as fast as males!Fiddler crabs have a pair of eyes that on the stalks give them 360 degree view of predators, potential mates & rivals.
This Common Sea Star (Archaster typicus) are no longer common. They used to be very common on Changi Beach & East Coast but getting rarer now due to over collecting. They are still seen regularly on offshore island and Semakau is one of the places where Common Seastars is still 'Common' and can still be found. This Sea Star is the Star for today as everyone will want to have his photo.

Do you know that this Sandfish Sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra) take in water through their anus to breathe? They feed on detritus (dead plant and animal material) in the sand.
This small little snail with siphon is called Whelk. They are scavengers and the siphon is used to sample the water to 'sniff' out dead animals.

Hairy crab is covered by a coat of silky hairs which help it to blend in with the surroundings.
The hairs will half suspend in the water breaking up its body outline to help them to stay camouflaged.
Onchidium is a shell-less slug-like marine molluscs. They use modified gills on their backsides to breathe air and often blend perfectly with the rocks in both colour and texture. Can you spot it?

This Flatworm is really F L A T!!
A Shadow goby
We saw this very big Scallop . . . shell. I put it up as it is beautiful although is just an empty shell.

Mushroom corals are named for its oval shape and the radiating skeletal walls (septa) that give this coral its mushroom-like appearance.
Close up look of the Sea Grape seaweed
A very pinkish Sea Sponge
Another Sea Cucumber - Stonefish Sea Cucumber
Obviously, this Sea Cucumber is under stress from visitors. When disturbed or frightened, sea cucumbers will pour out a mass of sticky white threads to confuse or trap their enemies.
Sea urchins (Diadema setosum)
This juvenile Knobbly Sea Star certainly brighten our day. The presence of this Knobbly Sea Star (about 8cm) will means that they are reproducing!!
All the happy faces of students from Meridian JC. Just look at the pictures below you know how crazy and enjoyable the walk is.
Big Welcome to Semakau!!

Get ready.... GO!
Split like the sea cucumber... :-)
And another Group photo - 11 Mud Skippers! ha ha
Yes! Trespassers will be PROS....... if you are moved by all the living creatures. Join the Guided Tour. :p
Another grop that didn't brought their camera...
Another shot...
There is even a Snow White Contest! The one that have the whitest leg win.
Yes. We have a Winner!!!
When go crazy... this very common mimosa also looks extra pretty!
What a good day out.