Sunday, May 20, 2007

Living Shore at Changi Beach

A quick exploration last week at the Changi beach really tempt me to go back there to look at the wonderful shore.
I was amazed by the speed of the moon snail burrow into the sand. This is also the first time I'm seeing the live actions.
Moon crabs is another speed burrow animal.
The property market at Changi beach is as hot as well. In such a short time, a transaction was done. Photo 1 - 2 hermit crabs are doing some market research. Photo 2 - they are evaluating the deal, Photo 3 - Transaction confirmed and Photo 4 - 2 property has just changed hand. This is the reason why we should not keep the shell even though is empty. Empty shell is actually the home for hermit crabs.
Close up look on the Striped hermit crab
A beautiful Hairy Sea Hare (Bursatella leachii) with bright blue spot
Mantis shrimp (Oratosquilla stomatopoda)
Jelly fish
I found this very unique 2-in-1 oyster. One black & one white glue together side by side.
A Ball sea cucumber (Phyllophorus)
Long pincers Elbow crab (Rhinolambrus pelagicus)

A tiny Sea horse
Fire worm?
Groups of Cardinal fishes hiding under the Sea anemone
A pipefish
A Sand Star. Finally saw one at Changi beach!
A big Sea Hare
Not forgetting Sand dollar

Last week, I only managed to see the empty shell. Finally got to see the real thing. Sadly, they are also in the wanted list of the poachers.

Is beautiful when sun light shine through the transluscent shell

A glimsp on the inside of the Fan shell (Family Pinidae).

Sea you can see mostly are rather small. Sadly, all the big ones are poached by few groups of 'Professional Poachers'.
From far, this inflatable boats looks like a family on a recreational ride with the floats at the back.
From near, is well equipped with all the neccessary tools & equipment with some of their catches.

No kids and they are all adults.

Poaching in actions.
Another group of poachers. Each person carry one bag. Sea anemone, fan shell, sea star. . .
Although these 2 kids collect for fun and probably for their own consumption. The problems is, they are collecting everything (big or small) that left behind after the professional poachers left. This surely will caused great impact on the whole ecosystem there. I'm really concern as more and more people got to know of this place.

While on the way back, we saw a more heartbreaking thing. A group of poachers was washing their basket that they use to keep sea anemones after transferring them to another plastic bag. The sea anemones fill up one big plastic bag.

This is the vehicle that rode by one of the poacher. The sea anemone was kept in the box and he continue to wash up in the toilet. From the look of the vehicle (all the mud on the tyre)He must have been going to all the wild site for poaching.

We are trying to share all the wild experience by blogging, photo sharing.... hopefully more people got to see the unique side of the nature. On another hand, this information potentially can also lead to the distinction of the creatures and causing an permanant damage to the ecosystem.

This suppose to be a very enjoyable trip but somehow spoilt by a small group of irresponsible people!!!