Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hantu Dive 27 May 2007

Finally I got to dive at local water. Thanks Debby for making this dive possible.
This sea star about 5cm lies on the sea bed when we first descent.
Another sea star but this one is about double the size of the first one spotted.
Thorny oyster ..... (shell)
Not sure the id of this coral
and this one too...
Just in time to take a shot before this swimming crab go hiding.
Didn't know file fish can be so beautiful
Another file fish

Frill fin goby
A rabbit fish aka Spinefoot.
A translucent sea squirt (looks like a jade carving, nice!)
Not forgetting nudi..
Another blue dragon (Pteraeolidia ianthina)
And another the same type
Phyllidia pustulose
Phyllidia ocellata
Beaked butterflyfish
School of Silver moony
A very tiny banded pipefish

There a lot's of other fish (some fish are really big) which swim faster than my camera can capture :-( I saw quite a number of big Six-banded angelfish, Batfish, goatfish and many more. Pulau Hantu is definite worth to dive especially if you just want a day dive without the need to travel for few hours.