Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Changi Beach Walk Around

After the Kekek Quarry walk and lunch at Changi Village already around 2pm. Since I'm so close to the Changi beach that I've heard so much about the sighting of seastars, I decided to try my luck knowing that the chance is slim as it was very very hot that afternoon. Seastars will probably go burrowing to avoid the hot sun. As advised, I went straight to Carpark 7.

The beach was full with seaweed that washed to shore when I arrived.

See the usual 'stuff'. . .
Saw this pile of green mussel being collected and cleaned...

Not sure if this is the anemone ... is alive and when I touch it, it just curl up. Don't think is the jellyfish either, as I use my bare hand to feel it and it didn't give me any irritation... don't try that if you are not sure. :)
This should be anemone

And another one...

And lots of beautiful button shell, and fan shell...
What a surprise found - a Moon Crab (matuta lunaris) under the hot sun. It dissapear burrowed into the sand the minute I touch it.
Gonggong with 2 slipper snail inside the shell
And the whole beach are full with this tiny sand buble crabs...

Well, although I didn't manage to spot any seastar today, it is another great experience. I'll be back again this Sunday when the tide is low.

1 comment:

  1. Aren't our shores just amazing?!

    Thanks for sharing your trip!

    The squishy greenish thing you saw is probably a sea hare and not a sea anemone. See the wonderful creations and urban forest blog of their trips to Changi which has photos of the sea hare.



    Yes this Sunday is a good low tide. Can't wait to read about it on your blog!