Monday, May 14, 2007


我和一群友人乘可克石场(Kekek Quarry)未重启采石前到那里游览一翻. 一想起这么美丽的景色在不久的将来可能从此消失, 还真的舍不得.

在我们中途休息时, 竞然有重大发现 - 观音显灵! 无独有偶地点竞是末被点中采石的另一个石场。观音在这段非常时期显灵是否想带来些甚麽讯息呢?显灵地点位与陈老伯的休息站对面。

(This is Uncle Tan's shop. The Guanyin is exactly opposite his shop)


(The owner Uncle Tan is more than happy to share with you any thing about Pulau Ubin)

We explored the Kekek Quarry that soon to be re-opened for granite mining last Saturday. We have another even greater discovery when we stop at a drinks shop buying drinks. The shop owner told us that a “Guanyin”- Goddess of Mercy statue suddenly “appeared” last week from no where right inside another old quarry. Refer to the photos above. Is there any message that “Guanyin”wants to bring to us with this sudden appearance?

If you want to know where it is, just look for this shop and ask the owner Uncle Tan. He will be more than happy to share with you anything that is happening in Ubin.