Sunday, April 22, 2007

Semakau Walk 22 April 2007

Is Sunday morning, the Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal was not so busy. We arrived at Semakau rather early just in time to catch the beautiful sun rise.CBD can be seen on the right still cover with morning mist.

When we arrived at the tidal area, what a sad thing to see fishes, crabs trapped in the fishing net left behind by someone during high tide.
In order not to hold back the whole group, we continue with the tidal walk and will deal with the net later after the walk.
The first creature that caught our attention is this unidentified worm. Most ribbon worms have proboscis which they use to catch small prey. The proboscis is known to be poisonous.

This snapping shrimp have one of the pincer enlarged and able to make a loud snapping sound. The sound serves to stun potential prey and also to warn off trepassers or predators.
A sandfish sea cucumber that is a much sought after delicacy.
We also saw this Stonefish sea cucumber. Almost all sea cucumber are detrital. When threatened, many species squirt out sticky latex to entangle or irritate the potential predator. These are very difficult to remove.
A beautiful Anemone Shrimp with carpet anemone

A Flatworm
Another Flatworm
A Upside Down Jelly fish. This jellyfish has symbiotic algae in its tentacles, which photosynthesises better with it being upside-down. The jellyfish obtains energy from the food provided by the algae.

A Sunflower Mushroom Coral
Joining inter-tidal walk bring you close to corals and you may even feel/touch it with your hand yourself without all the heavy diving gears or get wet. Both of the corals above are soft corals.

Giant Clam - the largest bivalve in the world. They have symbiotic relationship with green algae similar to corals.

Marginated Glossodoris Nudibranch
A group photo with Knobbly Sea Star
Reef Eel that looks like snake
A Scallop
This tiny fish looks like a Striped eeltail catfish that normally form tightly-packed schools on coral reefs. This could be seperated from the rest.
While on the way back, we remove the net from the tidal area and release all the trapped animals.
The trail that left behind after we removed the net.
While releasing one of the trapped swimming crab, it appears so weak initially after being trapped for more than 6 hours, the pincer is so powerful that it pierce through my finger nail when it was set free.

Another group photo at the South most tip of Singapore.

This is the Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal. We have another fruitful and wonderful trip at Semakau. Thanks to all the enthusiastic visitors from KBR Energy & Chemicals, SRC, NOL & Oracle!


  1. Hi! I was part of the 'Crab' Group for the Semakau Walk on 22nd. It was my first time to participate in such nature walks. It has been an eye-opening one and definitely a brilliant experience. Thanks for the wonderful time! =)

    Liting (KBR)

  2. nice of you to post. thanks for being our guide that day. great day at the intertidal walk. :)

  3. I'm having a great time too. Do join other nature walk and better still be a volunteer guide :p

  4. Hi, thank you for sharing all these nice pictures. We enjoyed the walk very much, hope to see more in the future! Thank you!! =)

  5. Feel free to come back as I'll be updating it from time to time. As you can see from my older post, we always find something new on every trip.

  6. i saw the some of my relatives in the pic

  7. Hey! Did you managed to mark the location of the giant clam? Seems like you managed to find it on both days. I found it once, but can't seem to find it again :P

    And that carpet anemone with the 2 shrimps... Can't seem to mark the location as well. Perhaps the hunter seeker can help next time? See you when I'm back from NZ :)

  8. The Giant Clam's location has been marked. Will try to mark the carpet anemone location too. Enjoy your trip.

  9. I have a great time on the 22nd April. Thank you Samson. Wonderful blog you have. Cheers! Would like to join more such walk in future

    Choon Hong (KBR)