Saturday, April 21, 2007

Semakau Tidal Walk on 21st April 07

As this is my first time using Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal (PPFT), I leave my house slightly earlier in order not to get lost and arrive late. When I arrived at PPFT, Helen, July and Ron is already there. To my surprise, Helen spotted an sea anemone inside the Female toilet!!?? Although curious, I did not go and check it out. Ron's was curious too and follow Helen to FEMALE toilet!!! And yes, Ron confirmed that there's a sea anemone inside the Female toilet. Not sure if anyone of them took any photo. Hopefully they did and I can have a look too.

The journey from PPFT to Semakau is about 10mins faster than departing from West Coast Pier. We head straight to the shore immediately after arrived at Semakau. As usual, we need to move very fast while walking through the forest to avoid the bombardment from the Semakau 'kamikaze' - the mosquitoes!! It has been raining for the last one week and has help to increase the population of Semakau Kamikaze. They even chase us up to the mud flat area.

While crossing the seagrass area, we spotted a sandfish sea cucumber right in the middle of the trail.

We saw a cowrie too. As this family of coral reef snails are greatly sought after by shell collectors, they are now very rare in local waters.

Not far from the cowrie, two common sea star were on top of each other happy go lucky... Sea starare using tube feet that emerge from the groves under the arms for feeding and movement.


Sunflower mushroom coral

How can we not see one of the biggest sea star in Singapore - the Knobbly sea star.
My group member taking a group photo with two knobbly sea stars!!

Another happy couple taking photo with our celebrity.

This white long bean shape is the egg capsules of unknown marine creatures.
This could be Thuridilla gracilis sea slug. Is consider quite rare at inter-tidal area.

Nudibranch like this Jorunna are molluscs which do not have a shell.The feather-like gills exposed (hence their name - naked gills)

Another beautiful giant clam.

Lots of finger corals

Beautiful Spanish Dancer flatworm

Volcano Barnacle

Lots of sea grapes

Group of Nerites take shelter in this hole on the rock.
The walks end with video presentation from NEA before we return to the mainland.

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