Saturday, April 14, 2007

Last Train to Khatib Bongsu??...

Since the closure of Khatib Bongsu to public was annouced, to visit one of the last nature heaven has been on the top of my list before end of the month. With a few nature die hard fans, we gather our camera and ready to explore. Our entry point was through Yishun Ave 6.

Although have been warned before hand on the presence of blood suckers, I did not apply any insect repellent. I donated some blood to get this photo taken. After this shot, strangely no more mosquito that bother me for the entire walk.

Signboards of "Protected Area" has been put up at every entry point. Looks like the closure is almost certain.

The demolition work was in progress when we visited the place this morning.

Despite the diesel fume & noise from the demolition work, the biodiversity is amazing. Below are just some of the creatures that we came across. Khatib Bongsu has a lot more to offer. Several species of dragonfly were spotted.

Grasshoppers / katydids

{{Ron has new intepretation on them -'Grass shoppers' . Since they hop from one place to another looking for grass, so should call them grass shoppers. :-) }}

St Andrew's Cross spiders (on the left) and Lynx spider on the right.

Changeable Tree lizard

A very beautiful stainer bug


Exotic fruits with a very unique name - Love In The Mist

Some of the wild flowers

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There are too many beautiful things to be put up at one go... come back in few days time for more updates! Read also Ron's Blog. He got Part 2 too...
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Sneak preview... ( Akan Datang )

What are they searching for???
New species??? Halfbeak on land???

How to draw / engrave a heart shape to this tiny seed???

What attracted these flies???

Thanks Luan Keng for organising these fantastic walk!

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