Saturday, March 17, 2007

Semakau Walk on 17 March 2007

Another clear blue sky perfect for inter-tidal walk at Semakau. After clearing the checkpoint at West Coast Pier, we are all set to go for another exciting walk.

Students from RI waiting anxiously for the arrival of boat to ferry them to Semakau.

This is where we took our boat to Semakau at West Coast Pier.

After the short video presentation by NEA, we go for the landfill tour.

Taking photo at south most of Singapore(Pulau Sudong & Pawai can be seen from the photo)

After the landfill tour, we head straight to the shore for the inter-tidal walk. The fiddler crab was the first one waving their enlarged pincer welcome our arrival. Follow by the common sea stars showing us their special sand burrowing skills. More stories about sea stars here.

After the sea grass walk, we spotted the first hairy crab, and a big shrimp too.

Big shrimp

Beautiful Chromodoris Nudibranch

This looks like a beatiful Pebble Crab (Leucosia sp.)

Another shot of the Pebble Crab. This crab is not very common, it's a scavenger.

This poor fish was seen struggle to get free from the net left behind by someone. Photo shown after it was released from the net and with the help of one of the member, she was set free and released to the sea.
Heart shape bivalves

Spider Conch

Cushion Star
Frog Fish
Another view of the frog fish

What are they looking at??

Is this big Sandfish Sea Cucumber

Group photo before we head back to jetty

The landfill was open for recretional activities since 16 July 2005

What a fantastic view to end the walk today.

View also photo uploaded by Yann.


  1. wa, i really miss the beach. But think can only join u all after the exams. Anyway why u create 2 similar blogs showing the same stuff?

  2. 2 different site for different target group. Whatever is here will be exported to the other one. But not all posted there will be exported here. :-)

  3. hmmm... i think that's a frogfish, not toadfish... u r another of those fast bloggers... i haven't even post my saturday sentosa recce trip yet :P

  4. Frog updated. This is why I like my digital camera so much..... cut short the waiting time to look at the end result. :-)

  5. I was there on the same tour with you, but i was with the sea star group.. Wow! u guys spotted a lot of things my group dint see!

    Thanks for sharing! definitely made the whole trip even more interesting.. :)

  6. nevertheless, is a good trip. do you blog too? if yes, i can put a link to it so that more can read about it. yes, is always good to share so those who miss it or cant make it to the walk can always refer to the photos... :-)

  7. Beautiful Chromodoris Nudibranch --> eh... where is the picture? :p

  8. Unfortunately, i dun blog.. but am in the process of creating a online photo album to share some of the things my group spotted.

    Will include the link here once it's done.

  9. Finally, uploaded the photos.. here's the link

    Please correct me if any of the tag i've provided is wrong. Thanks!

  10. sorry.. here's the link again.

  11. My sincere apologies, forgot my html for a while.. :P

    Here's the link

  12. Wow... the photo are very well taken. Thanks for sharing.