Saturday, March 24, 2007

Semakau Inter-tidal Walk - 24 March 07

Is my 4th visit to Semakau of the month and we are all set to depart at 7am in order to 'catch' the low tide for the ever interesting inter-tidal walk. We have Zhenghua Sec joinning today's walk and I have 7 students in my group - The Sea Slug Group. Yeah!

The Magnificient 7 of the Sea Slug Group in action...

Cute little female fiddler crab (the male crab will have one enlarged pincer used for courtship and fighting)
A few step into the sea grass area, we saw this Synaptid sea cucumber about 1.5m long. The photo showing the feeding tentacles.
The Sandfish sea cucumber

The thorny sea cumber
We also saw this Scallop

The colourful Ceratosoma nudibranch
Yeah.... a Jelly fish
How can we not see this iconic Knobbly Sea Star
Hello Mr Hairy - Hairy Crab
The Sunflower Mushroom Coral
Another beautiful Discodoris nudibranch
One more Phyllid nudibranch
I nearly step on this uncommon Frog fish
Someone was asking for sea snake..... No sea snake but we managed to spot this reef eel
oh! Look at this Filefish
Group photo before heading back.
Clean up after the walk at the washing station

Another fruitful trip...... Bye Semakau!

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