Sunday, March 25, 2007

Olive-backed Sunbird building nest

I received a call from my old friend saying that sunbirds are building nests in his compound. I pay a visit this morning to have some photograph.
The first nest was found outdoor but for whatever reason, the bird did not continue and abandoned the nest after the 3rd day. Hopefully the bird have found some where more condusive and not because something happened to her.
The top part of the nest collapsed after the sunbird abandoned this nest.

The 2nd nest was found under the roof and the sunbird has choosen to build their nest on a wind chime. However, I'm not so pleased as the wind chime are made from sea shells. I told my friends not to buy any souveniours made of sea shells as this is not eco-friendly. Sea shells although empty are highly sought-after by hermit crabs looking for bigger shells to grow. Knowing my friends another nature lover will not buy this kind of products. It was left behind by the ex-tenants.

The sun bird will come back every 4 to 5 minutes with the building materials, attached it to the nest and use her body to expand/compact the nest and will fly away to get another building materials.

The sunbird back with straw
Entering the half completed nest
The bird expanding/compacting the nest from inside using her body.
Back with more material

The bird securing the nest from outside.

This is the 3rd day since the bird start to build her nest on the wind chime. Hope to hear good news from my friend on the new born. :-)

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  1. i have a bird nest in my balcony too, can you help to check my link, is this sun bird? just want to make sure the bird at my house is Sun bird.

    many thanks