Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another Fantastic Sunday @ Semakau

As usual, we occupied almost the whole lobby for intro & safety briefing. All participants are given a Guidesheet, a map of southern islands of Singapore & a designer badge.
Danwei brief participants on the Do's & Don't and what to expect at Semakau.

Helen & Ron got the smaller group today.
A group photo with the guide Danwei (left 1) & Lahiru (R1) on OJT
Can't wait to go over to Semakau. This is the boat that we took for the walk today.
Ron give a brief, yet detail intro on RMBR, Semakau & what to expect next.
Mmmm.... this is how Semakau look like before giveway to landfill operations.
Smile...let's take a group photo at the most Southern part of Singapore.
Semakau is also one of the good area for bird watching.
1, 2, 3, .... ah! Lost count of how many crabs there....
I like this pair of cute eye...
Another swimmimg crab....just look at the colour,... almost invisible on the shandy area
Noble volute
Dog whelk
Hermit crab
Shore gobby( this one about 6 to 7cm)
One thing good about inter-tidal walk is you don't need to dive to see coral.
Well blend into the rock....a well camouflage Onchidium Sea Slug
A shy Gong-Gong peep from the shell
Green ceratosoma nudibranch
Close up look of a sea urchin
Not so sure if this is Byno goby or Green Shrimpgoby
An Anemone
Sea cucumber
Who's peeping??
Is a Spider Conch
A tiny Chromodoris Nudibranch
A Cushion Star
Lots of Finger Soft Coral
One of the best way of appreciating nature is to know more about nature...
Beautiful sponges
One of the biggest patch of sea grass in Singapore
After 2 hours walk under the hot sun and the group is still so energetic.... must be a good trip
On the way back to Jetty for the boat back to Singapore main land...
is just too many excitement to be recorded down. Another fantastic Sunday well spent at Semakau.


  1. Nice pics samson, really great way to revise what I see...
    Thnks for taking e time to take and upload the pics!!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful as well as clear pictures. It was good to have proper documentation of the things we saw. Thank u.

  3. This is the whole purpose of putting up blog....:-)

  4. Hi Samson,
    Very nice pictures, very well taken!

    Though u're not in our group but we could remember u holding ur camera snapping away. (*_*)

    Mel and family
    (Fr Ron's Group)

  5. Feel free to come back often for more updates on our other trips.... :-)

  6. Hello uncle Samson,

    I came for the Semakau Landfill walk few sundays ago.

    I was in ron's group.

    feel free to see my blog at