Saturday, March 3, 2007

2007 1st Public Walk at Semakau

I'm so glad to be in the 1st Semakau walk of the year. Although is already March, when we arrived at Semakau, the weather was changing fast. For safety reason, the landfill tour was done in the bus as the risk to be striked by lightning is very high there. Nevertheless, we able to view the landfill operations, from marine transfer station, the giant barge, the rock bun, the geomambrane, the windmill, etc.

The rain finally stop after about 40 mins and head to shore as fast as we could. Half way through the forest, we were block by one of the falling tree and we have to climb over using chairs placed at both side of the tree trunk.

We seems to be very lucky today to be able to see lots of nudibranchs. Dawn seems to have special radar to detech nudibranchs. She has at least spotted more than 10 thats amazing!!! We even saw seahourse! Yes is seahorse!!! Is also my 1st time to see sea urchin over at Semakau.

As usual we sew lots of swimming crabs, soft corals, hard corals, my favourate knobbly sea star, anemone, sea cucumbers, peacock anemone......& many more. Oh ya... we also got to see fireworks (life firing at opposite island) by SAF. Right before we head back, we sew a pair of moon crab.

Mmmm.... what a good trip again....

Sea urchin

Jelly fish


Life firing by SAF at the opposite island

Sea cucumber

Peacock anemone
Moon crab
I have a shaky hand for photo today.... :-(
Hope to receive nice photo from those who brought their camera today. :-)

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