Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Inspiration from Botanic Garden

I was bored with my desktop and decided to change to something greener....I head down to Botanic Garden after work and got my this beautiful first photos at Evo Garden.
Beautiful dragonfly
Water droplets after the shower...
This not a chicken but a Tree Fern Shoot. (seeing is deceiving isn't it?)
Rain water on Bird's Nest Fern
A purple Cycas Butterfly - the caterpillars of this butterfly feeds on the cycas shoots. This eating habbits leave the cycas plants with old leaves but without new growth.
Dillenia Suffruticosa (Simpoh Air) - I at first thought that why this plant so strange having two different colours of flowers. I later found out that the flowers is in YELLOW and the RED is actually the fruits.
Horsetails - Have been around since dinosaurs time. Most plants use their leaves to produce food through photosynthesis but not horsetails. Is their stems that produce food. (one should never presume - is similiar but is always not the same)
Iridescent Blue Peacock Fern - from certain angles the iridescent foliage is an almost unbelievably brilliant blue. (different people look at things differently, all depends on where you coming from...)
This is not corn but Male Cone of a Cycas plant.
I've been to Botanic Garden so many times and it always have something to offer me and provide me with the inspiration for my photography.

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  1. WOW! What fantastic photos! It certainly encourages me to take a closer look the next time at the Botanics. Thanks for sharing them!