Sunday, March 24, 2019

Birds of Tianchih

Besides the cute Red & White Giant Flying Squirrel, I also saw some birds on day one of my trip at Tianchih.

White-whiskered Laughinhthrush
 This super friendly bird is White-whiskered Laughinhthrush.
White-whiskered Laughinhthrush
They are one of the most common birds around here. If you approach them slowly, you can get quite close to them.
Black Throated  Tit
There are several birds that we saw during the bird wave, however I only managed to capture photo of Black Throated  Tit.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Forest Night Glider

After the satisfying dinner, is time to try our luck on the mysterious animals that glide from tree to tree at night. I heard so much about it but yet to see it myself of this huge squirrel that can "fly". 
 We start from the entrance of the reserve.
We hear some familiar calls from the top of the tree at the end of this road,  we follow the call and try to pinpoint the location.
Red & White Giant Flying Squirrel
 Not just the call but we see movement too. Wow! We found it! The mysterious Red & White Giant Flying Squirrel glide and stop right on top of us!
Red & White Giant Flying Squirrel
This squirrel measured from head to tail is about 1 meter but to me, it is just way too cute. Compare to other squirrel this is definitely huge but on its own, isn't it cute!
Red & White Giant Flying Squirrel
Not a bad start to our 1st day of birding in Dahshueshan. Looking forward to more exciting finding tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tianchih - Pond in the sky

After check-in and keep our luggage, is time to explore the beauty of Dasyueshan. We have the whole afternoon before dinner and we have plan after dark too.
Tianche - Dahxueshan
We will be exploring Tianchih which is part of the area at Siaoxueshan. I have no idea why it is called Tianchih,  means Pond in the sky in Chinese. Perhaps due to the high altitude?

The whole area turn pinkish red as we step out of the car in the car park. I can't help but keep taking photos of the maple leafs looks a like. These are actually Snake Bark Maple (Acer rubescens) tree that are endemic to Taiwan.
I even try to re-create the photo I took in Japan with Mt Fuji at the background.
Didn't manage to take it with clear blue sky. I can only imagine how beautiful it is with the reflection of the sky in the water.
Lichen is doing really well here. They can be found on every tree around here.
No luck for me as there is no snow this winter at Dasyueshan. Not often to have snow here, but when it does, it will be extremely beautiful.
The sun is setting and we can't wait for it get darker soon.
We go for early dinner and is almost dark now. Can't wait to look for the mysterious flying squirrel after dark later. Wish me luck...