Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kaeng Krachan National Park Birding Trip Day 2

I have been to KKC several time, just not my luck to have a good photo of Stump-tailed macaque. They are very shy compare to Northern pig-tailed macaque that always looking for visitors that carry plastic bag with them in Khao Yai National Park.
Stump-tailed macaque
Never had a chance for the clear photo, this is all that I manage to photograph. Just their back in the bush.
Blue Bearded Bee Eater
Saw several Blue Bearded Bee Eater at a distance. This photo was taken using my mobile phone  shoot through the telescope.
Golden-crested myna
Heard the calls of Hill myna but didn't really pay much attention. Almost miss this Golden-crested myna that looks very similar. A very smart way of mixing themselves among other birds.
Hill myna
 This is the Hill myna that confuse me and I almost miss the Golden-crested myna!
Black & Red Broadbill
 Happy to see this Black & Red Broadbill busy at work.
Forest Wagtail
Is a pleasant surprise to see this Forest Wagtail in the middle of the road. I usually spot them in the forest trail rather than in the open.
Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher
We arrived just the right time to capture this beautiful Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher that pose nicely for us.
Red Bearded Bee Eater
As we proceed to look for Red Bearded Bee Eater, it started to rain and rain very heavily. I got myself wet from head to toe for this beautiful bee-eater.
Chinese Pond Heron
Birding during or after heavy rain sometimes has it's perks. I like this photo of Chinese Pond Heron with water droplets still on top of the back.  The feathers repeal water quite good.
Great Hornbill
 Flock of Great Hornbill sharing the same tree with Thick Bill Green Pigeon just before sun set.
Greater Flameback
One of the last bird that we saw before leaving KKC is this female Greater Flameback. No luck this time, the male didn't show up instead the male Common Flameback was seen nearby.

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