Monday, April 23, 2018

Exploring Sea Shore of Singapore - Part 2

Watching animals of inter-tidal area is so different from other area such as forest or garden, we can't just go anytime that we like. The inter-tidal area are usually cover by sea and only open to visitors during spring low tide but for a very short time. 
Thorny Sea Cucumber (Colochirus quadrangularis)
This Thorny Sea Cucumber is still feeding with the tentacles out while the sea water is going down.
Thorny Sea Cucumber (Colochirus quadrangularis)
 Without sea water, this sea cucumber will have to wait out for about 1.5 hours before the tide return.
Warty Sea Cucumber (Cercodemas anceps)
 Very similar to the thorny sea cucumber, this Warty Sea Cucumber come with yellow patches.
Sea Apple (Pseudocolochirus axiologus)
 This Sea Apple stop feeding and is waiting for the tide to return before start feeding again.
Sandfish Sea Cucumber (Holothuria scabra)
 One of the edible sea cucumber - Sandfish Sea Cucumber. We saw quite a number of them today.
Holothuria fuscocinerea
 This one looks like a Fuscocinera sea cucumber.
Black Sea Cucumber
 We also saw quite a number of Black Sea Cucumber in the sea grass area.
Sea Anemone
I will be very scare if I'm a small fish and bump into this sea anemone. Looks like an alien from outer space.
Sea Anemone
Different from the usual tube anemone, this swimming sea anemone can 'swim' from one place to another.
Sea Anemone
 Another interesting sea anemone that we saw.
Carpet anemone
Carpet anemone without the long tentacles. Without the sea water, the commensal shrimps hide under the anemone instead of on top.
Sea anemone
 A baby anemone. So cute!
Sea Pen
 Good to see a Sea Pen so close to the shore without the need of any dive gears!
Sea Pen
Is amazing that we see such a rich biodiversity sea shore even is just beside one of the busiest shipping lane in the world!

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