Monday, February 19, 2018

Purple Sunbird of Thailand

One of the last bird watching session before we end our North Thailand trip is to XX for the Purple Sunbird (Cinnyris asiaticus). This is not plan for and we are just trying our luck as we are told that the purple flower that are blooming and attracted the sunbird  may have over. Since is on our way back to Chiangmai, we decided to stopover and try our luck.
Mae Taeng
 We stop over at Mae Taeng and the tree that attracted the purple sunbird is near a paddy field.
Mae Taeng
These are the trees that attracted purple sunbird otherwise not easy to photograph them as they move very fast from branch to branch.
Purple Sunbird (Cinnyris asiaticus)
 Yes. They are still around although only a few of them still visit these trees.
Purple Sunbird (Cinnyris asiaticus)
 A female Purple Sunbird that lack of the purple colour.
Purple Sunbird (Cinnyris asiaticus)
The male with purple iridescence under the light otherwise will appear as black.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Cherry Blossom Birding

When travel to North Thailand, one of my must visit is the garden at Doi Lang.

 The garden are filled with all the beautiful flower & plants!
 This hut must be quite cooling during summer.
Cherry blossom
 Cherry blossom is the main attraction during this period.
 There are lots of birds among the flowers...
chestnut-flanked white-eye
 Such as this chestnut-flanked white-eye

Mrs. Gould's Sunbird (Aethopyga gouldiae)
 Cherry blossom is also attracting lots of birds and Mrs. Gould's Sunbird is one of them.
Mrs. Gould's Sunbird (Aethopyga gouldiae)
 An sub-adult Mrs. Gould's Sunbird
White-headed Bulbul

White-headed Bulbul
White-headed Bulbul is the "Must see" during cherry blossom period. They are the perfect match!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Birding at Fang Hotspring

I have been to Fang several time but have never been to the hot-spring. This is my first visit to this place.
Fang Hot Spring
I was told the main target here is to look for Spotted-winged Grosbeak. If they do turn up, they will come in flocks. The birds are here to collect mineral deposits on the tree branches caused by the hot spring. The mineral appear whitish in the photo above.
Fairy Blue Bird
Since there is no sign of the grosbeak, I walk around the park look for other birds. Spotted this Fairy Blue Bird on the fruiting tree.
Black Crested Bulbul
 There are quite a number of Black Crested Bulbul too.
Blue Throated barbet(Megalaima asiatica)
Follow the direction of the call, saw this Blue Throated barbet.
Lineated Barbet (Megalaima lineata)
 Saw another barbet - Lineated Barbet.
Shikra (Accipiter badius)
 This was a surprise find, a small bird of prey - Shikra
Black Drongo
 Black Drongo taking flight from rock to rock.
Blue Rock Thrush
 Also on the rock... Blue Rock Thrush!
Grey wagtail
 Saw this Grey wagtail on top of the visitor center.
Spotted-winged Grosbeak
 After about 10am, the Spotted-winged Grosbeak started to come in flock.
Spotted-winged Grosbeak
 This is the female bird.
Spotted-winged Grosbeak
 Male bird with striking yellow colour.
Spotted-winged Grosbeak
 They fly from branch to branch scrapping collecting their much needed mineral.
Spotted-winged Grosbeak
I am not sure if this is courtship feeding or sharing resources or simply fighting or robbing for mineral. Both birds are female in the photo above.
Spotted-winged Grosbeak
Both are male bird. Unlikely a courtship behavior. Any idea?....Anyone?...