Sunday, November 5, 2017

Day Trip to Khura Buri Town @ South Thailand

Not really a day trip but a stop over before our birding trip to Sri Phang Nga National Park. My guide pick me up at the Bangkok airport around 8pm the night before and we drove straight to Khura Buri at Phang Nga, Southern of Thailand.
Boon Piya Resort
After check-in to our resort, it was already 6.30am. We decided to go check out the local market and see we can get some breakfast before heading for our birding trip.
Khura Buri, Phang Nga
 The market is just across the street of where we stay and is already very bright at 6.30am
The scene like this is long gone in Singapore. Open air market is no longer available in Singapore. This really bring back my old memories when I was still a kid.
 From local deserts, cakes
 to fresh vegetables
bbq chicken
 and cooked food. Just pick what you want.
fresh chicken
 Fresh chicken from the village is available too.
deep fried bananas
 We bough some deep fried bananas as our snacks
deep fried bananas
 is so yummy!
asian pan cake
 We also bought some pan cake freshly baked
hot noodle
We also get a bowl of noodle for our breakfast. With all this goodies, looks like birding has became a secondary objectives for our trip... what will I see later in the National Park?

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