Monday, August 29, 2016

Birds of Amsterdam Part 1

This post was long overdue due. Well, better be late than never. As mentioned earlier, this is not a pure birding trip, nevertheless, managed to take some wildlife during my free time during my short stay in Amsterdam. All photos was taken back in early May this year.
Black-tailed godwit
I have seen Black-tailed godwit many times in Singapore. But this is the first time seeing one with the breeding plumage.
Carrion crow
 Looks very similar to the crow in Singapore, however, the Carrion Crow call was much lower pitch.
Common tern
 Managed to capture this dive shot of the Common tern with my bridge camera.
Common wood pigeon
 Another very common bird that can be found throughout Amsterdam.
Eurasian blackbird
 Black beauty of the garden - Eurasian blackbird.
Eurasian coot
 Is so difficult to see one in Singapore but there are so many Eurasian coot in Amsterdam.
Eurasian jackdaw
 In fact Eurasian jackdaw is the very first bird that I saw in Amsterdam after check-in to my hotel.
Eurasian magpie
 I saw this Eurasian magpie while I was on the cruise.
Eurasian oystercatcher
 This is my 1st time seeing an Eurasian Oystercatcher.
Eurasian wren
A very small bird but can sing very loud. Is the call that lead me to it.

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