Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Woodlands Waterway

One of my favorite park that I like to visit is no other than Woodlands Waterway. Besides overseeing the Straits of Johor, otters and even crab eating monkey are often spotted here.
 Oh. Look what I saw even before I enter the park!
Causeway, Johor
 It was a beautiful morning.
Common Sand Piper
 Saw several Common Sand Piper walking on the sand bar.
Yellow Vented Bulbul
From the bridge, I walk over to the garden area and this is where I saw more feathered friends such as this Yellow Vented Bulbul.
Pink Neck Green Pigeon
 A male Pink Neck Green Pigeon
Asian Glossy Starling
 Asian Glossy Starling
 Painted Stork
 Even a cross border Painted Stork
White Throated King Fisher
 A White Throated King Fisher quietly perched on the branch waiting for prey.
There are several beautiful butterfly in the park too.

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