Saturday, November 29, 2014

Satay Anyone? Part 2

Satay by the bay
Satay by the Bay a good place not just for satay but good for birding and a good place for dining too. Very likely you will be greeted by this Oriental Magpie robin when you visit this nice dining place.
Satay by the bay
Main entrance to the Satay by the Bay from the car park just next to Marina Barrage. In fact, you can walk to the Barrage, it is just 2 minutes away.
Satay by the bay fountain

Satay by the bay fountain
Water features next to the main dining area, is a pleasure to dine here & watch bird at the same time.
Satay by the bay
With this thick vegetation, not surprise why birds choose to stay here.
Satay by the bay lotus pond
This lotus pond is the place to look out for yellow bittern, whistling ducks, kingfishers, etc.
Satay by the bay wooden bridge

Satay by the bay bridge
This bridge directly link to Satay by the bay and you may walk from here to Garden by the bay.
Satay by the bay kingfisher

Satay by the bay kingfisher
Not surprisingly why kingfisher was use as part of the decorations in the garden.
Garden by the bay
Is all connected! From Satay by the bay, Garden by the bay, Marina Barrage...
Singapore waterfront
I'm sure if you visit this place at night, you will see a even more colourful Singapore waterfront!

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