Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Northern Thailand Trip Day 3

19 January 2014 - Is the 3rd day of my trip to Northern Thailand.
Doi Lang, Thailand
Nice camp ground at Doi Lang and I bird around this area for the whole day.
Rufous-bellied Niltava
 One of the very first bird that we saw was this Rufous Belly Niltava.
Crested Bunting
Follow by a very skittish Crested Bunting.
Dark-backed Sibia (Heterophasia melanoleuca)
One of the very common bird at Doi Lang - Dark Backed Sibia. They usually come in a flock. You will not miss them as they are the noisy one.
Red-faced Liocichla (Liocichla phoenicea)
Another of my new bird for this trip is this Red Face Liocichla. Seen it yesterday and I don't mind to see this beautiful bird again today.
Spectacled Barwing (Actinodura ramsayi)
Seen this Spectacled Barwing few times before and I have yet to get a clear shot of this bird.
Blue Whistling Thrush (resident) (Myophonus caeruleus)
 Saw this resident Blue Whistling Thrush.
Blue Whistling Thrush (migratory) (Myophonus caeruleus)
So as the migratory Blue Whistling Thrush.
Blue Berries
 I didn't try this blue berries, they are everywhere! I'm sure birds are attracted to this fruits.
Blue Fronted Redstart(Phoenicurus frontalis)
 Another new bird for me - Blue Fronted Redstart
Crested Finchbill (Spizixos canifrons)
 Crested Finchbill attracted by this unknown Blue Berries.
Himalayan Swiftlet (Collocalia brevirostris)
Another new bird for this trip - Himalayan Swiftlet.

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